The Boys Aren’t Home – 2018

Written for the group The Boys Aren’t Home tells the story of 5 friends from the village of Lenham who sign up for the army in the First World War. Arthur, Peter, Thomas and Edward all go to the front whilst Billy is left behind.

Written to reflect the families point of view as well as the lads in the trenches it paints a picture of the effect of the great war on communities across the United Kingdom.

We used a very simple staging using just a few props to indicate the location and change of scene.

This play was a roller coaster of emotions for the audience and actors alike, and managed to raise over £1800 for The Royal British Legion and Commonwealth War Graves Foundation.

If you are interested in performing this play please contact the author

“What a fantastic play, so moving I cried. Well done to you all for making a grown man weep” Audience Member.